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February 2014

Sales conference of the Carl Stahl GmbH
lifting technology division

Exciting knowledge sharing and important insights: everyone benefits from everyone else

A strong, multinational, motivated team that recognises customers’ problems and understands their needs – this is what Carl Stahl GmbH in Süßen is committed to providing. According to the General Manager Wolfgang Schwenger “responsible and highly motivated salespeople are key to the success of the company as a whole”. The annual sales conference is therefore organised with very specific aims: to sharpen employees’ awareness of customer problems and needs and to rekindle the passion for sales in each and every one of them.

No matter how good a product is, if it does not sell, it is pointless. In view of this, the central question at the Süßen sales conference was: how can products be successfully presented to buyers? The answer to this was discussed by 150 Carl Stahl sales employees from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Contact between salespeople during their everyday sales work is extremely valuable

During the two-day conference, each of the attendees benefited from each of the others thanks to lively discussions and plenty of shared knowledge and experience. “Employee sharing is extremely important as the experiences with customers are so varied and diverse that everyone can learn something new”, commented Rudi Gunzenhauser, Carl Stahl Product Manager. The discussions also enable the employees to get to know one another – which is just as important a part of the conference as the training elements. This is because “contact between salespeople from different countries during their everyday sales work is extremely valuable”, stated Gunzenhauser.

The attendees received not only a great deal of product information, but also workshop-based training on new areas such as integrated services as well as the product ranges for load suspension equipment, Hi-Force hydraulic tools and personal protective equipment for the prevention of falls. “This should familiarise the employees with all the possibilities offered by the products in preparation for their customer consultations,” explained Schwenger, General Manager. “After all, our customers have to be able to rely on us offering them products that are optimally tailored to their needs.”

‘Power service provider’ Armin Nagel offered important tips

In a spirited talk on the service desert, ‘power service provider’ Armin Nagel revealed how salespeople can live up to their personal responsibilities and turn customers into fans. ‘Germany’s funniest service expert’ explained why emotions and personality are decisive criteria for a good service provider and used innovative service ideas to put the employees in high spirits. Wolfgang Schwenger is still in these even now: “The sales conference has set us on the right path for achieving our 2014 aim: to record further substantial growth.”