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Hydraulic equipment

Lifting and moving heavy loads safely have always been key issues that we keep very close to our hearts. These lifting operations very much depend on absolute precision, reliability and safety for man and machine. In collaboration with our partner Hi-Force based in UK, we created an extensive product range of hydraulic equipment for the fields of industrial hydraulics, hydraulic tools, hydraulic systems and hydraulic accessories.

We will be happy to undertake the maintenance and repair of your hydraulic equipment. Carl Stahl is one of the service and repair centres in Germany authorised by Hi-Force.

As part of the Carl Stahl Integrated Services, we test your hydraulic equipment (all makes) based on a check-list regardless of the manufacturer.

The complete range of hydraulic devices can be found in our "2015 Hydraulics" catalogue. Download or order free of charge here.


Hydraulic cylinders

Flat cylinder, short stroke cylinder, standard cylinder, hollow piston cylinder, heavy duty cylinder, aluminium cylinder, pull cylinder, hydraulic sets

Cylinder stroke (lifting height) from 4.5 to 457 mm in the standard type series



Hydraulic pumps

In the following versions: hand pump, foot pump, electric hydraulic pump or air-hydraulic pump.
Operating pressure up to 700 bar, single or two-stage design, 2- or 4-way valve


System components

Hoses, oil, pressure gauges, manifolds, couplers, fittings and control valves



Hydraulic jacks

Aluminium or steel versions as light metal jacks
Compression force from 3.0 to 100 tonnes
Cylinder stroke (lifting height) of 35 to 305 mm


Torque Tools

In the versions as torque wrench with square drive or hexagon socket as well as matching replaceable magazines and reduction inserts, counter wrench, expanding cylinder, nut splitters with oil connection or built-in hand pump, cutting tools for ropes, chains and rods, single-acting or double-acting punching tools, pullers, pressing tools up to workshop presses


Bolt Tensioners

Hydraulic topside and sub-sea tensioners, manual and air driven pumps and accessories


Hydrotest Pumps

Manually operated and air driven hydrotest pumps and accessories


Hydraulic Puller Kits

Self-contained and heavy duty hydraulic pullers, pin and bush replacement kits


Crimpers & Cutters

Hydraulic crimping tools, cable cutters, chain cutters and wire rope cutters



Hole punchers, nut splitters, flange spreaders, pipe benders, presses, skates and tool boxes


Toughlift lifting systems

Pneumatic and electric lifting systems for the lifting of material conveying equipment in mining, civil engineering and locomotives in the railway sector