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Carl Stahl Seilerei

Still a family business

Carl Stahl started out in 1880 as a small rope maker specializing in agricultural products. Today it has become a global enterprise with 1,520 employees operating from 61 subsidiaries all over the world. To this day the company has remained a family business with three General Managers: Wolfgang Schwenger, Andreas Urbez and Wolfgang Funk.

Summary of company history


Jakob Stahl

Foundation of rope making shop “Stahl” at Suessen by Jakob Stahl.


Carl Stahl

Jakob Stahl hands his business over to his son Carl.


Carl Stahl II.

Carl Stahl II takes over the company. The company Kammgarnspinnerei Gebr. Stahl is run by his father and later added to the Carl Stahl Group.


Parade car in front of the rope making shop

Parade car celebrating the incorporation of Great and Small Suessen


Willy Schwenger

Willy Schwenger, Carl Stahl’s son-in-law, joins the company’s management.


Plant I, Suessen

Expansion and erection of new company premises at Suessen (plant I)


safety hook eyes

Development and introduction of safety hook eyes


New branch, Stuttgart-Plieningen

Erection of a new branch at Stuttgart-Plieningen (plant II)


Metall + Formteile GmbH

Foundation of subsidiary
„Metall + Formteile GmbH“

1980 - 1997

Administrative centre and a production facility, Suessen

Completion of the new administrative centre and a production facility in Suessen (plant III) and foundation of many new subsidiaries in Germany and abroad


AURAS Tauchpumpen

Acquisition of AURAS GmbH & Co. KG
(until 2000 Carl Stahl GmbH & Co. KG Frankfurt)


Wire Rope and Technology Centre, Suessen

Official opening of the new Wire Rope and Technology Centre in Suessen


Nokon bowdencable-systems

Carl Stahl becomes exclusive distributor
of the nokon bowdencable-systems


Carl Stahl Kromer

Kromer GmbH becomes member of the Carl Stahl Group. The name is changed to Carl Stahl Kromer / Introduction of a new Corporate Identity: All subsidiaries now carry the name Carl Stahl in their company logo.


Production and storage facilities, Suessen

Completion of new production and storage facilities in Suessen


Subsidiary Finland

Foundation of new subsidiaries in Finland and Saarbruecken/Germany


Andreas Urbez, Willy Schwenger, Wolfgang Schwenger

A new management generation takes charge at the headquarters in Suessen:
f.l.t.r Andreas Urbez, Willy Schwenger, Wolfgang Schwenger


Subsidiary Sweden

New subsidiary founded in Sweden


Office building in Suessen

Erection of a new office building in Suessen


Lifting equipment,  Company Equipment, Academy, Jewellery

Separation of operational and strategic areas, launch of 6 new divisions: Lifting equipment, Company Equipment, Academy and Jewellery


VENTZKI Handling Systems

VENTZKI company is added to the Carl Stahl group,
VENTZKI remains legally independent.


Carl Stahl Academy

2008: Foundation of the Carl Stahl Academy /
new subsidiaries at Eislingen/Germany and Regensburg/Germany /
Joint Ventures in India and Indonesia


Crane- and Industrial ropes

The product sector „Crane- and Industrial ropes“, formerly member of the Lifting Equipment Division, becomes a division of its own.


Auras Pumpen

Subsidiary Carl Stahl Kromer GmbH moves from Freiburg to Gottenheim.
The product sector “Submersible Pumps” is separated from Carl Stahl GmbH & Co. KG Frankfurt and transferred into Auras Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG. Auras is moving into their own facilities. Ex-pansion of storage and production area.


TopRating Hoppenstedt CreditCheck

Again Carl Stahl reaches „TopRating“ with Hoppenstedt CreditCheck


TopRating Hoppenstedt CreditCheck

Three times in a row Carl Stahl receives the „TopRating“ award


Carl Stahl as year’s 2013 best supplier

The Stihl company honors Carl Stahl as year’s 2013 best supplier.


Bisnode rating certification 2014

Carl Stahl GmbH receives the Bisnode rating certification 2014